CTT Coach

 The 4 Noble Goals of a Resume 


1  Intrigue
2  Inform
3  Impress
4  Inspire

The first thing a successful resume must do is hook the attention of another person, that is, it must be intriguing. Second, a resume needs to inform them. Most clients stop here. Their resume is very much like a shopping-list chronology of everything they have ever done in their career. This by itself informs but fails to impress. Using our C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, Result) system to describe your accomplishments will impress the reader. Few people reach Maslow’s Self-Actualization level through their work because in general we are too talented and have too much potential. This might sound contradictory, but the paradox of self-actualization is that it requires us to take on challenges that test all our skills to their current potential. Most people are not willing to push themselves that far. The secret to inspiring others is to live an inspiring life or as Joseph Campbell once said, “A vital life vitalizes.”

May the experiences you encounter next be worthy of your infinite gifts and talents!