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 5 Minutes for Pitch 

… for You, Humanity, and the Future of this World

Can you spare 5 minutes to save the world? If so, please read this.You are a miracle! 

If you believe in a Creator, then you already know this, but do you fully appreciate and understand what it means to be a miracle? And if you do not believe in a Creator and instead put your faith completely in Science, have you ever calculated the odds of being here, alive, today?

Every step along the way, “life” found a way to survive, and you are now the latest iteration of a living chain reaction that is at least 13.5 billion years old! Wow … do you see what I am getting at? Along the way, at any of those steps, there where countless moments where 1 millimeter of difference to the left or right, 1 degree colder or hotter, the slightest breeze, 1 second sooner or later could have been the difference that stopped this living chain of events that has led to YOU reading this right now. And there is more. Let us go to the moment of conception, out of the millions of possible cell combinations that could have made you, two cells came together and made the uniqueness that is YOU. YOU are literally one in a billion! And now take that back in time. Every single moment of conception that led to your ancestors being born that now leads to YOU. Along the way all that needed to happen was for one different cell to reach the ovum and “poof!”, a whole different sequence of life, one which does not include you. But that is not what happened: the precise cell reached the ovum and here you are! Do you understand the odds of the uniqueness that is YOU being here right now? Do you appreciate everything this living chain reaction has endured, all the challenges it has overcome over thousands, make that billions, of years for you to be here now reading these words? It is unfathomable … nonetheless, can we take this moment to appreciate YOU? The miracle that is YOU.

Now for the sucker-punch: “Are you living a life that is worthy of the miracle that is YOU?” You are in what my friend Steve calls in the “wet-cement stage.” When we have a job, we tend to form routines, like solid tracks set in cement. In this moment everything is up in the air and many things are possible. If you are on a winning track, experiencing high levels of fulfillment, then let us continue that. And if not, let us use this time to mold that wet cement into a path befitting of YOU!

This might sound naïve, but I believe that in a world where everyone is living their purpose, fully engaged in their careers and life, there is no room for war, greed, violence, crime, pettiness, or negativity. If only we could align each person with the work and life they were meant to live, can you imagine the levels of productivity, joy, creativity, innovation, quality, security, camaraderie, peace, and love we would enjoy?

Forbes magazine estimates that lack of employee engagement costs the North American economy $450 billion yearly. In contrast, the UN estimates that ending World Hunger is a $30 billion problem. 450/30 = 15!!! Imagine solving World Hunger and 14 other similar problems simply by getting everyone into the right career path! And that’s only North America, now imagine the whole planet full of people fully engaged and fulfilled by their work and lives.

It all starts here with you now. What are you going to do next? Are you going to honor the miracle that is YOU, and get on that track that has been waiting for you your whole life? I am rooting for YOU, and we are here to help. All you must do now is choose it!

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