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 Career IQ 

Career IQ

Many professionals invest decades in education and gaining work experience. No doubt their Educational IQ and Professional IQ are through the roof! In contrast, learning what it takes to build a successful career can often be measured in hours. Imagine spending decades learning about cars and mastering the skills required to build them, but then only investing a couple of hours into learning how to drive them. And then worst of all, setting off without an optimal destination in mind.

Translating your education and experience into a great career depends entirely on your Career IQ? So, what is it?

What % of professionals report being in the wrong career?
On average, a recruiter spends ___ seconds on the first scan of your resume.
The average North American worker misses out on $_______ over the lifespan of their career due to lack of salary negotiation skills and/or attempts.
___% of college and university students reporting studying the wrong major.
___% of North American workers who report not being engaged at work.
Currently, adults aged 55–65 have on average changed employers ____ times in their lives.
Most recruiters look for candidates on ___ while most job seekers look for work on ___.
Minimum educational requirement to work at leading high-tech companies like Google and Amazon are:
___ % of university graduates with a bachelor’s degree who will work in a field related to their degree.
The ideal age to start career planning is?

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