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 Entrepreneurial Mindset for Employees

When you apply for a job electronically it is important to be aware that your submission must clear 3 Hoops. These are:

As we all know, the Employer – Employee relationship has continued to evolve over the past decades. Expecting to stay at one company until retirement is not realistic anymore. The Employee Mindset is the outdated subconscious belief system we have been taught. If you prefer to secure employment amid the continuous technology advances, outsourcing of work worldwide, increasing use of AI, and machine learning, then I suggest you switch to the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Here are two examples of many:

Employee Mindset Belief 1 = Working hard for an employer and achieving results guarantees employment.

Entrepreneurial Mindset = Working in and ON your career creates security.

Working hard for your employer and achieving results is as important as ever. However, an entrepreneur knows it is not enough to “work in your business” (deliver your product or service with excellence). You must also work “on your business” (evaluate your strategies, market continuously, innovate, etc.). Essentially, this means that it is important that you work on your career as if it were a business. To start, carve out time for yourself and get to it. Setting time aside to work on “You Inc.” can translate into additional gains as you bring increased entrepreneurial skills to your next job.

Employee Mindset Belief 2 = One source of income is utterly acceptable, especially if you are earning promotions and raises.

Entrepreneur Mindset = One source of income is a precarious way to live.

We live in a surreal world where an employee with one source of income sleeps peacefully at night, while an entrepreneur with one source of income cannot get any. The first is slumbering on a cushion of “ignorance = bliss,” while the second is tossing and turning because quite literally and figuratively their eyes are wide open. If anything happens to that one source of income, the entrepreneur knows they are in trouble. Now, in many countries it is not that dire. Employees are given severance payments and many countries offer some sort of unemployment insurance. You will normally have some time to find another job. However, what if you had multiple sources of income? Wouldn’t that be infinitely better?

The best thing a professional can do when they start their career is to build up one year’s worth living expenses and put it away for safe keeping. It is never too late to create your own safety net. One year is ideal, however, even the ability to cover your expenses for 3-6 months can have a huge positive psychological impact.

Once you land your next single source of income, do not take your foot off the gas just yet. What kind of things could you do to generate additional income and/or decrease your expenses? There are many types of home businesses, investments, entrepreneurial innovations, online gigs, part-time jobs that you can explore. Also, if you have access to land, learning to grow some of your own food can enhance your sense of security.

There are many more employee beliefs we could contrast to the Entrepreneurial Mindset. To sum up, do not let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security by the Employee Mindset. The Entrepreneurial Mindset is much more honest, resilient, and effective.