CTT Coach


Without a doubt working with a Coach is the best option to choose. In tight employment markets we have met clients looking for work for 2-3+ years and who have submitted 300-500+ resumes, some without being invited to a single interview despite their effort. 99% of the time, these professionals are using the same strategy and making the same critical 4 mistakes. It’s unfortunate but true. Acknowledging the above, we recognize that not everyone can afford the coaching packages we offer and thus we have created a list of free resources, as well as created several stand-alone services you can obtain in our store to zero in on the one or two areas and customize your program. For example, if you’d like feedback with your Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Interview Skills we have the best-value solution on the net. And if like some of our clients you are landing many interviews (7-10) but are not receiving any work offers then likely our job interview only package will be the best value for you.