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Most professionals spend 14-20+ years becoming educated and then hone their industry-specific skills over years and decades. In contrast, their training and expertise in managing their career can usually be measured in hours, maybe a couple of days. They are literally sitting on an amazing resource and have little to no idea what to do with it when they are laid off. It would be like spending decades learning about race cars, and then spending years and decades building them with your own hands, but then when it comes to competing with them, your driving skills are close to 0.
How did you do on our quiz? If you are like most of our clients, it did not go so well. Clients routinely misperceive what it takes to land a new job. They underestimate how landing a new job has changed and overestimate the importance and purpose of traditional tools like the resume. Speaking of resumes, how many resumes have you seen in your lifetime? What if you worked with a coach who has seen 10,000+? Do you think she or he would have some valuable insights? How many applicants have you recruited from scratch? Could it be useful for you to use materials and resources created by a coach who worked as a recruiter for several years and knew all the ins and outs? Many of our clients say, “That they have neglected their LinkedIn profile and need to update it.” Do you know how to optimize your profile and get the most benefit from it in your job search? The list goes on and on, I’m sure you get it. The process from identifying a job opportunity to receiving an offer is like a chain of events with a minimum of 8 major links. To succeed you must be in the top 5% of applicants at every stage. In other words, you will only get as far as your weakest link. What is the opportunity cost of fumbling along in the dark vs. working with a professional who eats, drinks, and sleeps this stuff 24/7?